5 Unique Cake Flavors to Serve at Your Winter Wedding

Warm up with these unique and delicious cake flavors for winter

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The weather outside may be frightful, but your guests will feel warm and cozy during your reception-particularly while enjoying a slice of your delicious wedding cake. To help you serve the right cake this winter, we asked cake bakers to share their five favorite flavor combinations. Get inspired before you dig in!


Bring back gingerbread.

Who doesn't have memories of decorating gingerbread houses during the holiday season? The nostalgic, sweet-meets-spicy flavor of gingerbread is perfect for a winter wedding cake. Jamaica Crist, owner of Top Tier Treats in Los Angeles, California, suggests pairing gingerbread cake with either a cream cheese or ginger mousse for a delightful, comforting flavor.

Go crazy for cranberry.

It's safe to say that most holiday dinner spreads aren't complete without a bowl of cranberry sauce. Incorporate this Thanksgiving classic into your wedding by ordering a cranberry-orange wedding cake. "The cranberry orange works well with a custard filling, and possibly the addition of more cranberry purée, if desired," says Crist.

Add preserved fruit.

Amy Mastronardi, owner of Hippie Chick Bakery in Kensington, New Hampshire, loves adding preserved fruit to winter wedding cakes of all flavors. In addition to cranberry compote, as Crist suggested, Mastronardi suggests adding a layer of apricot jam or fig preserves for great winter flavor.

Pair it with peppermint.

During the frosty days of winter, refreshing peppermint pops up in candy bars, coffee, cookies, and more. Since this bright mint pairs nicely with chocolate, Top Tier Treats offers a rich chocolate cake filled with peppermint mousse, a pairing Crist compares to a Thin Mint Girl Scout cookie.

Don't be afraid to spice it up.

Spiced desserts-like pumpkin pie and carrot cake-are typically in high demand during the fall, but these autumnal flavors can carry over into the winter season, too. Consider pairing pumpkin cake with cream cheese frosting, apple cake with caramel filling, or carrot cake with lemon buttercream for an unexpected dessert.

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