They are about to become family, after all.

By Alyssa Brown
February 21, 2018
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Your future husband and your brother: Aside from your dad, these two are probably the most important men in your life, so it's not surprising that you'd like them to get to know each other a little bit better before the wedding. But how can you help to foster a great relationship between the man you love and your lifelong BFF? Most men bond best over shared experiences, whether that means learning something new together or attending a concert or event. The key is to find something both men enjoy and are interested in to create a common ground that can eventually lead to bonding. That's not your only option though. Here, five ways for your groom to get closer with your brother.

Find something they both love.

If your future husband and your brother have anything in common already, capitalize on it. If you know they both love the same baseball team, invite your brother over for game night. Similarly, if they're both fans of the same band, see if you can find a concert you can all attend as a group.

Let them try something new.

Are they both beer aficionados? Set them up with everything they need to start brewing at home. If they're both nature-lovers, treat them to an afternoon adventure. Activities like fly fishing lessons, trying a new hike, or joining a cycling group are great activities to try with a friend.

Ask for his help.

You just bought your first home, but there are a few little things you need to do before you move in. Ask your future husband to tap your brother for help with a few reno projects. The guys can get to know each other while sprucing up the bathroom or painting the living room.

Make him feel included.

Your groom and his friends get together for a poker game every Thursday night. Ask the guys to invite your brother along for a few games-he may make more than just one new friend. As for the wedding party, it's a thoughtful gesture for the groom to ask his future brother to stand on his side of the aisle. This will pave the way for more bonding sessions since he'll now attend pre-wedding events like the bachelor party and join you for a suit or tux fitting.

Encourage them to talk.

If your future husband and brother already know each other, encourage the guys to grab a drink after work or meet up while you're having dinner with the girls on the weekend. Just talking and spending time together can slowly help their relationship evolve.


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