Like you, your mother is on a roller coaster of emotions during this entire wedding-planning process. Here, a look inside some of the thoughts that may be swirling around in her head and how you can help.

"I'm never going to find anything to wear!"

Don't let your mother stress out become overwhelmed over what she should wear the day of. Instead, plan a fun shopping outing with just you and your mom about three months before the big day. Keep in mind that her outfit should match the style and formality of the the event and the color should complement but not exactly match the hues of your 'maids-don't forget that she'll be in pictures so her look should blend with the group while still standing out from the rest of the wedding party. Is she concerned about trouble spots? Choose a long full skirt if she hates her legs or hips, or accessorize with a shrug or wrap if she's self conscious about her shoulders or arms. The end result should be an outfit that she feels beautiful, comfortable, and confident in.

"Will I be able to make my mark?"

Back in the day the mother of bride had much more influence and control during the planning process but these days your mom will take on the role as your most trusted advisor. From gown shopping to touring venues, your mom be your ride-or-die through all of this and will provide you with her honest feedback and opinions. In addition to the emotional support, be sure to ask her if there are any family heirlooms that she would like to incorporate into the day. Using a piece of your family history, like Grandma's handkerchief or the cake knife Mom and Dad used on their weddings day, is the perfect way to honor your loved ones.

"How much is this costing me?"

One of the first things you should do after getting engaged is see how much (if any) your parents can contribute towards the wedding. Once you have worked out the numbers keep your mom and dad in the loop with the amount of money that you are spending and stay on budget-no one likes surprises, especially when it comes to money.

"Really?! I can't throw the bridal shower?"

While traditional etiquette says that a family member of the bride or groom should not host the shower so as to not appear to be asking for gifts, times are a-changin' and it's becoming more and more common for a mother of the bride to host or co-host. So, if she want to throw the shower, let her throw the shower! Etiquette be damned.

"My baby girl is getting married! [sob]"

Don't forget that this is an emotional time for you mother as well. Be sure to take a moment the day of your wedding to thank her for for all of her help and support. Remember, you could not have done any of this without her!


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