Before walking down the aisle, you want to look and feel your best. A bouncy blowout and fresh mani might boost your confidence, but unfortunately don't always change the way you feel below the surface. To get your energy level up so that you're ready to take on all that wedding planning, read these tips from wellness platform HBFit.
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Drink More Water

Hydration seems like the standard solution for most bodily issues-but it really works to spike your spirit! Studies show that women are more adversely affected by dehydration, so make sure to get your two liters in.

Eat Small, Eat More

Although it's common to prioritize work over meals, this mainstream practice is detrimental and should be frowned upon. Eating small meals every four hours or so (a piece of fruit or handful of almonds counts) feeds your brain and body so you can have your most productive day.

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Work Out During Lunch

If you can swing it with your work schedule, a midday workout is a great way to boost your energy level. Getting in that cardio or weight-lifting circuit will not only pep you up-it could even increase your productivity!

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Stop Relying on Liquid Energy

Red Bull and cappuccinos only provide temporary boosts. For sustained energy with long term benefits, look to meditation. Making this practice part of your daily routine (even for five minutes) can calm your mind and provide you with more energy. Intimidated by the idea? Check out the app, OMG I can Meditate for guided meditation you can do anywhere.

Call Your Mom

According to a recent study, talking to a loved one when you're feeling tired has been credited with boosting your energy level up to a 7 (on a scale of 1-10). Consider that before reaching for your second or third cup of joe!

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