Proposals come in all shapes and sizes, from private, romantic moments at home to grand expressions of love in public. If you end up going the grand route, we want to make sure you do it well (re: not overly lame). We've rounded up some of our favorite public proposals from HowHeAsked (a site that publishes the sweetest, most tear-jerking proposal stories out there) and tips for making them a moment to remember.

Concert Proposal

Going to a concert is a great date for a couple-you're standing close, dancing, and rocking out to your favorite songs. Add a proposal in the mix and the night couldn't get more romantic!

If it's a cover band you're seeing, reach out to them in advance of the concert, let them know your proposal plans, and ask if they will cover a song that means a lot to you as a couple. Talk to the venue and ask if you can propose on stage during or after the concert.

Your concert proposal doesn't have to happen only at a small concert. Don't be afraid to dream big. One Direction once helped a man propose on the big screen at their concert!



Warm, sunny weather, waves crashing at your feet, beautiful views from the boardwalk, a beach makes the perfect backdrop for a beautiful proposal. She won't suspect anything when you ask to soak up the sun for a day at the beach, (just be sure to keep the ring somewhere other than your swim trunks so it doesn't float away!) Or, have her girls plan a day at the beach and surprise them during the day when you come to propose. She'll feel like a star having her friends by her side and the cheers from onlookers at the beach.


Athletic Events

Is your S.O. participating in a major event, like running a marathon? Pitching in the finals of an intramural league game? With all the attention and grandeur surrounding the big event, whether or not you're going to propose will be the last thing on her mind. She'll be high on adrenaline, you'll be caught up in how proud you are, and the moment will be perfect. Win or lose, the crowd will be there to cheer you on and you'll both come out a winner after the proposal!


Military Homecoming

Everyone's favorite tear-jerker, these proposals are sure to draw a crowd (and possibly a viral Youtube video). She's been waiting for you to come and when you see each other for the first time, you won't be able to wait to make her yours. Chances are, all of your friends and family will also be there to welcome you home and cheer you on as a newly engaged couple.


Bring Your Friends and Family

Getting engaged in a public or a well-attended area allows you to include your friends and family in a variety of ways. They can be part of the proposal, or watching from the side lines. The good news is, they will easily blend in with the crowd so the surprise won't be ruined if she sees her family before the big moment.

What makes a public proposal even better? Being surrounded by tons of built in photographers! Strangers love getting caught up in the big moment and capturing it digitally so don't hesitate to ask them to send you their photos. They'll catch some angles that your photographer might not. Regardless, always be sure to hire a professional photographer, to make sure you are getting high quality shots of the big moment.

With so many opportunities, a public proposal is a great way to show everyone how much you love your significant other, and share the biggest moment of your life with those around you!


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