Personalized Advent Calendar


Twenty-five days before Christmas, give your groom a handmade memento that's all about him. Print our editable template, then get personal: Type something sappy, keep it light, or skip words altogether and glue on little photos of you two instead. Our favorite option is a mix of all of the above. Every morning, he can peel back a tab to get a daily dose of Vitamin L (as in love).


2 sheets

8 1/2-by-11-inch heavyweight card stock

Cutting mat

Rotary perforating tool

Ruler or straight edge, optional

Craft knife

Double-sided tape or glue stick

  1. Download our template and customize the second page with 25 different ways your fiance makes your heart flutter. Then print both sheets on heavyweight card stock. (Check your printer's manual to see the maximum paper weight it can handle.)
  2. With a cutting mat beneath the numbered page, use the perforating tool to punch through the top, right, and bottom edges of each numbered square. (Use a ruler or other straight edge as a guide if you'd like.) Then use the craft knife to cut along the diagonal edge at the bottom right corner of each of those squares.
  3. Use double-sided tape (or glue stick) along the top and bottom of the message-printed page to attach the numbered sheet on top of it, so that a different sweet sentiment will be revealed as each square is opened.
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