Plus, you and your new spouse are sure to love them forever.
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Credit: Jose Villa

Choosing a first dance song is a major decision. The first married spin isn't just a highlight of the reception-it's also a memory you'll recall on anniversaries for years to come. While there are so many unique options out there, most couples opt for the poignant tunes of the past. That's why we asked Shanon Cook, Trends Expert at Spotify, to tell us everything we (and you!) need to know when considering a classic first dance song. Even better, Spotify also provided a comprehensive playlist of fan-favorite love songs from the '60s, '70s, and '80s, plus a few modern ballads that we'll call classics 20 years from now. If you're looking for a first dance song that's timeless yet contemporary, consider this playlist your ultimate source of inspiration.

What's the most classic first dance song of all time?

"Etta James' 'At Last' consistently appears at or near the top of first dance themed playlists on Spotify," Cook explains. "Not only is it a classic-it was recorded in 1960-the track oozes romance and lyrically makes perfect sense for nuptials. ('My lonely days are over'... 'And here we are in heaven'). It also provides a nice pace for slow dancing."

What period of music should couples consider if they're going for a classic song choice?

You'll want to think beyond your parents' generation, says Cook. "The most classic songs our listeners gravitate to come from the '60s, like 'At Last' and Elvis Presley's version of 'Can't Help Falling In Love.' The early '70s also produced a popular choice-Al Green's 'Let's Stay Together.'"

What's your best piece of advice for couples searching for the perfect classic first dance song?

Go for the crowdsource! "If you're going for a true classic, don't be afraid to ask your parents and grandparents for suggestions! And check out what our listeners have added to their first dance playlists for great ideas. Above all, you have to play the song together and see if it feels right," says Cook.


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