It's perfect for any happy tears shed during the ceremony.
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A wedding gift that will commemorate the festivities for years to come, crafting a personalized, embroidered handkerchief is an item drenched in sentiment. Whether you want to learn how to make one for yourself, your mother and mother-in-law, or for your groom, sewing initials onto vintage handkerchiefs is a guaranteed hit. For extra oomph, present them to the recipient before the ceremony.


  • Handkerchief
  • Needle (CLOVER "235 No. 3-9 Gold Eye" Embroidery Needles, $3.37 for 16,
  • Embroidery Hoop (Frank A. Edmund's Company Round Quilt Hoop, $19,
  • Disappearing Ink (Dritz 677-60 Disappearing Ink Marking Pen in Purple, $7.53,
  • Embroidery Floss (Gutermann Quilting Thread, $7,

How to Make a Personalized Handkerchief

Once you have all of your materials ready to go, begin by tautly securing an embroidery hoop around the part of the handkerchief you wish to monogram. Then, after you decide on the font and colors you'd like to use (we recommend using a riff off of your wedding calligraphy and wedding colors), sketch the initials on with a disappearing-ink marker—depending on the one you use, the ink will disappear in 24 to 72 hours. Need font and style inspiration? Just flip through an embroidery design book for some ideas.


After sketching the initials, use the sketch as a guide, stitching over the letters with embroidery floss. Be sure each stitch is nice and tight to avoid a bubbling-effect. This technique should yield perfect results every time. If you want to add even more sentiment to this custom gift, embroider your wedding date on the other end of the handkerchief to commemorate the special day. Then simply remove the hoop, and it's ready to be given as a gift—it might just become a family heirloom.


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