Plus, answers to other questions about navigating your schedule while planning a wedding.

By Alyssa Brown
March 26, 2020

Wedding vendors have all different working styles, hours, and ways of communicating with their clients. Some may find it easiest to chat over a messaging service, while others limit client communications only to emails or phone calls. Whatever the case, here are some common questions you may find yourself wondering about your vendor communications, and what you can do to improve them.

Why do certain vendors only offer weekday appointments?

The vast majority of wedding vendors are small businesses that don't have the resources to have a sales staff that are separate from their on-site events staff. As such, if they have a wedding booked during the weekend, they need all hands on deck at the event setup, throughout the ceremony and reception, and for the breakdown. During weekends that aren't booked with weddings, these vendors may be taking time off from work instead of accepting meetings.

I can't meet with my wedding vendors during the week because I have to work. What should I do?

For many, it's easiest to schedule meetings with vendors either at very start or very end of the day, during the workweek. Most vendors will be accommodating with this creative scheduling, or may offer to meet you somewhere during your lunch hour instead.

My wedding vendor said I could call or text any time, but doesn't respond when I do. What should I do?

Reach out and ask if you can set more clear boundaries so you don't feel like you're being annoying with too many questions, and so you also don't feel like you're sitting around waiting with no idea of when you'll hear back. Establish hours that work well for you both to work within and find out the best mode of communication. It may be easiest for your working style if, rather than texting your vendor with five "quick questions," you instead text and request a time to chat over the phone.


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