Four guys dish on the aspects of the big day they could have done without.

By Aleesha Thomas
March 28, 2018
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Your wedding will forever be remembered as one of the best days of your life, but that doesn't mean that every moment will be unforgettable-and that seems to be especially true for the groom. From coordinating a large group of guys to waiting around while his bride-to-be gets ready with her girls, there are certain wedding-related moments most grooms say they could have done without. That's why we asked four former grooms to tell us about their not-so-favorite parts of months leading up to the wedding and on the big day. As expected, exchanging vows, calling their significant other "wife" for the first time, and sharing that first dance did not make their lists.

Getting Everyone Together

Most men will tell you that they don't count organization as one of their strong suits. For recent groom Johnny T., keeping track of his groomsmen was actually one of his least favorite parts about the months leading up to the wedding and the big day itself. "We had a large wedding party, so I could have done a better job at coordinating with all the guys before it was show time," he says. "It also meant I had one more thing to do on our wedding day in terms of getting everyone together for all the festivities."


Matt R. didn't like waiting around for the party to start, largely because he was so excited to finally marry his wife. "Our wedding was later in the day. My wife wanted to have time to be with her girlfriends and not cram makeup, hair, and pictures at the beginning of the day," he says. "I was just so excited to see her. Plus, the guys and I didn't take that long to get ready. I was just ready to marry her!"

Bad Weather

Most brides would agree that less than perfect weather on the big day can be a bummer, but recent groom Kyle S. adds that he wishes he and his now-wife prepared a little more for the chance of rain. "A huge thunderstorm came out of nowhere on our wedding day. We were really scrambling at the last minute," he explains. "My wife and I wished we would have thought of a backup plan ahead of time so we weren't so stressed the morning of the event. It ended up turning out to be a beautiful ceremony, of course, but all of the turmoil beforehand was not welcomed."

Bridal Party Drama

"Our bridal party was pretty small, but included our closest friend group," says Zach L. "My brother, who was a groomsman, was dating one of the bridesmaids at the beginning of our engagement, but by the wedding day they had split up. It made everything very awkward, including pictures. My wife and I would tell any couple planning their wedding to really be mindful about sticky situations like this when you're selecting your bridal party. At the end of the day, it was still the best day ever though."


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