Being an awesome maid of honor is no easy task, so here's how to tell if you made the perfect choice for your MOH.
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1. She's honored you picked her!

Whether you popped the question in person, by phone, or via a cute care package, your maid of honor was touched and thrilled that you selected her among your friends and family to take on this important role. Sure it's a big commitment, but she feels lucky to be the one.

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2. She takes initiative.

Your maid of honor isn't waiting around for a list of to-dos. She knows you're crazy busy planning a wedding, so she takes the lead on the bachelorette and bridal shower. Plus, she offers to help with all of those DIY projects you decided to take on … and means it.

3. She is enthusiastic, and it's contagious.

To her, even mundane tasks like stuffing envelopes and punching confetti are an opportunity to celebrate your friendship and your wedding-and to have fun. She comes prepared with wine and cheese, and a plan for an afternoon mani-pedi date once the last invite's been sealed.

4. She knows you, and what you want.

We're not talking mind reading … of course she's going to need your input on some details, but some brides-to-be picture a boozy bachelorette in Las Vegas, while others would much prefer a spa day. With the right maid of honor, you'll find yourself thinking, "How did she know that's exactly what I wanted?"

6. She listens.

Whether you need to vent about your mother in law voicing her unsolicited thoughts on your wedding dress, or talk big-day logistics, your MOH is an avid and responsive listener. She's genuinely interested in the details you share, and she even picked up the phone that one time you called her at 11 p.m. to ask her opinions on those escort-card colors. Now that's friendship.

7. She's there for better or worse.

Spat with the fiancé? Pre-wedding jitters? She'll be there when the mood turns serious as well. The months and weeks leading up to a wedding are stressful; your maid of honor knows her emotional support is just as important as her party-planning prowess.

8. She's not an alarmist.

Things can and do go "wrong" even at the most well-planned affairs, but your maid of honor's not one to panic. Cool, calm, collected, and courteous (yes, another four c's!), she can devise a plan B on short notice or defuse drama like a pro.

9. She helps you keep things in perspective.

Bridezilla is no myth! Strong family opinions, budget talks, decisions, and doubts: the pressures of planning a wedding can get to even mild-mannered and easygoing brides. Your maid of honor is validating and supportive, but she can also bring you back down to earth if need be, in a way that leaves you grateful, not defensive.

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