Don't be afraid to go for the unexpected.

By Courtney Leiva
May 09, 2019
ikat runner reception table
Credit: Jose Villa

Although you may feel inclined to stick with a traditional color scheme for your wedding paper goods and décor, expert planners say that embracing bold prints can be an amazing way to create a unique and exciting aesthetic that hasn't been overdone. If you like the idea but aren't sure how to get colorful without going overboard, you're in luck: We asked three wedding planners to share all the ways (both subtle and statement-making) that they've seen couples successfully incorporate bold prints into their celebrations. Their suggestions will help you plan an event that's unlike anything your guests have ever seen.

Incorporate Bold Prints in Your Stationery and on Your Website

"When we have a risk-taking couple who isn't afraid to make a statement, we love to incorporate bold prints in several places," says Beth Helmstetter, event design and owner of Beth Helmstetter Events. These include envelope liners on the wedding invitation, background images for the wedding website, dining chairs, throw pillows, or lamp shades for the lounge areas, she suggests. Alicia Fritz, owner of A Day In May Events, says that stationery is one of her favorite places to introduce a bold print, too. "Colorful envelopes mailed to your guests or a boldly printed menu at their place setting is truly eye-catching," she says.

Consider Wrapping Your Dance Floor

"If you have a party crowd who loves to boogie, give them something exciting to groove on all night," says Fritz. Wrapping your dance floor with a bold print is an exciting way to do this, and is a tactic both she and Helmstetter love to employ when their couples are up for it.

Don't Be Afraid of Bold, Colorful Table Linens

Fritz says that colorful table linens are another fantastic way to incorporate color into your reception. She says this also can be done on a budget, making it ideal for those who want to make a statement without breaking the bank. Wedding planner Shannon Leahy agrees, adding that a runner is a good option for anyone who isn't ready to commit to fully-printed linens. "Choosing a bold print for a table runner down the center of your wedding tables can really provide a fun splash of excitement," she explains.


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