She also revealed a surprising fact about her husband.

By Sarah Schreiber
October 24, 2018
chrissy teigen and john legend emmys 2018
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If you ask Chrissy Teigen, she'll tell you that her personality is nothing like her husband, John Legend's. While this dynamic typically brings depth to their relationship, it often poses challenges during arguments, she revealed to Entertainment Tonight. "It's so frustrating because sometimes you just want to fight and sometimes you just want to yell at somebody and he's never that person," she shared at a beauty launch event.

But this "opposites attract" mentality is also what helps them get through quarrels-and come out on the other side better than before. "He really is that fantastic, and amazing, and amazing for me because I'm a fireball," she continued. "I'm crazy and he knows how to deal with me when we fight. And he knows just the right thing to say to diffuse it."

The model and mom-of-two also revealed a surprising (and relatable!) fact about her husband of five years. "He's [a] very crazy, aggressive cuddler," she said. "Like, wants to hold very hard and I'm the one that's like, I get very hot. I get very hot. So, I'm crawling to the other side of the bed."

They may have opposite personalities-and different stances on cuddling-but the couple has always been dedicated to taking on life as a team. One front they're entirely united on? Parenting their children Luna and Miles, who have brought infinite joy to their marriage. "Some people wonder, 'Does [having kids] shake it up a lot?'" Teigen said. "But it didn't for us because it just became us against the kids, which I love too."


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