Food is one of the most important parts of your celebration, after all!
mini tacos and moscow mules

Wedding food may have previously earned a reputation as altogether forgettable, something to be endured rather than enjoyed, but we think it's time to reconsider classic reception fare. After all, drones deliver online orders and cars drive themselves-if we're living in the future in all other aspects of our lives, we can do better than serve dry chicken and flavorless pasta to our wedding guests. If you want your celebration's food to be delicious, memorable, and crowd-pleasing, keep these expert-approved tips in mind as you select your reception meal.

Location, location, location.

Jessica Lasky, owner of Jessica Lasky Catering, says that the number one way to ensure a delicious meal is to cook the meal at the venue. "We do prep in our kitchen, but the majority of the food we cook on-site," she explains. Food that's fresh and served hot always tastes the best.

Keep your style in mind

If a wedding is a black-tie affair, a messy barbecue buffet probably isn't the best idea. Likewise, an outdoor summer wedding is really no place for a formal, sit-down meal with passed plates. "I like to get a sense of the energy," Lasky explained. She always asks the bride and groom what they're wearing as a first step towards determining the right choice for a dinner. Next, she inquires as to their definition of particular words; "elegant" and "casual" could mean drastically different things to different people. Lastly, she asks the bride and groom exactly what they envision for their big day, and a menu is developed from there.

Freshen up your choices.

Lasky finds that locally sourced, seasonal, market-driven food is the best for wedding receptions. Nobody wants to eat a tomato in December, and oranges in May aren't very tasty. By letting seasonal ingredients speak for themselves, you get a fresher way to take your wedding meal to the next level.

Mix it up.

Some traditions are timeless-a beautiful bouquet, a fun exit at the end of the night, and a gorgeous wedding dress are all big-day must-haves. But other traditions are long overdue for an upgrade. Consider going outside the box for your meal! Everyone loves tacos, and they can really enhance a party. Food trucks are making a big splash in the wedding world, and they allow everyone to pick and choose meals that are also freshly prepared to order; pizza, sushi, burgers, or French fries, there's a food truck for everyone.

Consider working with an up-and-coming chef with bright, new ideas. Approach a favorite local restaurant, perhaps one with a personal touch, and serve guests a delicious mix of everyone's favorites. Or throw out the entire idea of a traditional dinner and host a brunch reception instead. Your wedding is the most special day of your life, and your food should be just as memorable. Celebrate with loved ones over an epic meal and yours will be the wedding that's talked about for years to come!


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