21 Non-Floral Wedding Bouquets

nonfloral wedding bouquets wilde scout
Photo: Wilde Scout

While we'll always be big fans of fresh flowers, we also think it's entirely okay to carry a wedding bouquet without a single bloom, whether it's because a non-floral design fits better into your budget or you simply want to surprise guests with something unique. In fact, flowerless arrangements can be absolutely gorgeous—not to mention they can make quite a statement. If you're wondering what to have in your bouquet instead of petals, we've got plenty of unexpected ideas that are undeniably beautiful.

As with any bridal or bridesmaid bouquet, you've got options when it comes to how you arrange your clutch. Some modern couples opt for completely non-floral sprays, while others favor arrangements that feature a few blooms but focus on something else, like greenery, fruit, or even seashells! Still other brides and bridesmaids carry bouquets that look like they're composed of flowers, but the plants are actually fake and made from materials like fabric, paper, or in one case ahead, porcelain.

No matter what you need your bouquet (or bouquets) to be—from whimsical and romantic to formal and elegant—there's a non-floral clutch idea for you in this slideshow. We've even gone so far as to round up creative and colorful arrangements for all sorts of wedding themes.

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nonfloral wedding bouquets cari courtright
Cari Courtright Photography

First on our list is this tropical assortment, which Tumbleweed Floral Truck artfully crafted using white and green anthurium, speckled aspidistra, and large monstera leaves, among other forms of foliage.

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Geometric Wedding Bouquet

nonfloral wedding bouquets geometric clark brad and jen
Brad and Jen Photography

How cool is this mostly-blue bouquet? The artistic bride created it herself using a mix of paper shapes, faux flowers, and wire.

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Pampas Grass Wedding Bouquet

nonfloral wedding bouquets emma wand
Emma Wand Photography

The trendy plant can certainly make its way into your bridal bouquet. Pampas grass is especially statement-making when paired with magnolia leaves and other unique foliage, as shown in this arrangement by The Wild Side.

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Olive Branch Wedding Bouquet

nonfloral wedding bouquets jen huang
Jen Huang

Olive branches symbolize peace—not a bad emblem as you're merging families. This bride's clutch (by Stella + Moscha) was beautifully simple.

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Puppy Wedding Bouquet

nonfloral wedding bouquets lauren dobish
Lauren Dobish Photography

Here's a fun way to include your pet in your big day: Carry him or her down the aisle! Of course, you'll need to ensure your best friend is comfortable taking on the role. Event service For the Love of Paws kept this little dog happy during the event.

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Wild Wedding Bouquet

nonfloral wedding bouquets emily delamater
Emily Delamater Photography

Go for a natural look. Watershed Floral crafted this foraged arrangement, which was filled with organic greenery.

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Leafy Wedding Bouquet

nonfloral wedding bouquets layers photo

Mix and match the wedding world's favorite non-floral elements. This Expressions Flowers bouquet contained ferns and eucalyptus leaves, among other popular additions.

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Seashell Wedding Bouquet

nonfloral wedding bouquets love is a bird
Love Is a Bird

Clayton Austin crafted this incredible beach-themed clutch, which held candlesticks and a ring of mussel shells.

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Tropical Wedding Bouquet

nonfloral wedding bouquets maui maka photography
Maui Maka Photography

Anthurium leaves were the standout elements in this tropical bouquet that Flowers by Emma created.

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Whimsical Wedding Bouquet

nonfloral wedding bouquets clark walker studio
Clark+Walker Studio

This bride's Crocus Hale Flowers bouquet was perfectly quirky thanks to its swirly fiddlehead ferns.

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Vegetable Wedding Bouquet

nonfloral wedding bouquets tammy horton
Tammy Horton Photography

Celebrate your love of produce with a fresh bouquet of veggies. This TFS Studio clutch contained carrots, radishes, and asparagus among other edible goodies.

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Painted Wedding Bouquet

nonfloral wedding bouquets wilde scout
Wilde Scout

Rhea Florals gave this bride a modern accessory to carry: a large leaf that was painted white.

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Frond Wedding Bouquet

nonfloral wedding bouquets sposto photography
Sposto Photography

Go big or go home! Tropical fronds sprawled out of this Lavenders Flowers bouquet.

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Fruit Wedding Bouquet

nonfloral wedding bouquets taryn kent
Taryn Kent

Here's another produce idea: branches of fresh fruit. This bride held a Siren Floral Co. arrangement of kumquats and their accompanying greenery.

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Air Plant Wedding Bouquet

heat resistant bouquets air plant
Chelsea Diane

Looking for a bouquet that'll beat the heat? Try a massive air plant, like this one from Renee Landry Events.

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Feather Wedding Bouquet

fall wedding bouquet
Katie Branch of Branch & Cole

Plants aren't the only natural elements you can use. Mother Plucker Feather Company combined plumes and branches to craft this rustic arrangement.

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Bush Wedding Bouquet

madison kyle wedding floral bouquet
Maureen M. Evans

For an out-of-this-world bouquet, add unusual pops of color. This Hart Floral Design bridal bouquet contained dried (and blue painted) tropical leaves, plus soft and dreamy smoke bush branches.

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Cotton Wedding Bouquet

cotton wedding bouquet
Anja Schneemann Photography

Cotton gives off the fullness of flowers, but the fluffy fiber can look much more unique, as this Magnolias on Silk bouquet demonstrated.

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Fern Wedding Bouquet

Rachel Thurston Photography

Long, cascading ferns replaced typical blooms in this wild, blossom-less bouquet by Teresa Sena Designs.

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Porcelain Wedding Bouquet

Daniel Kiyoi

Opt for weather-proof, wilt-proof, and allergy-proof petals, like the ones shown here that were made of porcelain and fabric.

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Candle Wedding Bouquet

Kate Headley

As a nod to her heritage (Indian brides often carry lamps), this bride held a votive on a plant-filled tray (which was designed by Sidra Forman).

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