A survey of newlyweds from Westin Hotels proves the newest honeymoon trends are not what you may think!
Credit: Westin Hotels & Resorts

While beachy getaways in the Caribbean and Mexico are still popular honeymoon spots, there seems to be a shift in where newlyweds are choosing to spend their first vacation as husband and wife-at least, that's what data from a recent survey by Westin Hotels & Resorts is indicating. Below, a few highlights from the study, which included 4,060 respondents.

Couples are staying closer to home

75% of couples honeymooned in the U.S. and Canada in the last five years-while travel to Europe has dropped by nearly half. We agree there's plenty of honeymoon fun to be had closer to home.

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Newylweds are thinking beyond the beach

Couples are 1.5 times more likely to seek the outdoors and two times more likely to go skiing.

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Credit: Westin Hotels & Resorts

They're making the most of their getaway

70% of couples pack additional destinations into less time, visiting more than one destination in less than 10 days. (But don't try to cram too much in, as I myself did! Head here for my other honeymoon dos and don'ts.)

Couples are turning to Instagram for inspiration

80% of respondents who honeymooned in the last five years used social media to research their destinations. Instagram is a great place to start. A few of our personal favorite travel accounts include @beautifuldestinations, @passionpassport, and @travelnoire. Warning: wanderlust will ensue.


This study is based on a survey conducted by STUDYLOGIC LLC via telephone of 4,060 (non-single) respondents with household incomes of $50,000-$500,000 from the United States, Canada and Mexico. Each country represents approximately one-third of respondents. The survey consisted of 27 questions including identifiers. Interviewers were conducted between April 7 and April 14, 2016. The survey averaged 25 minutes in length and contains a margin of error of +/-3%.


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