The expert weighs in on everything from first-time pre-wedding dye jobs to her favorite hair color trends.
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New York City-based celebrity hair colorist Rita Hazan handles the hair of some of the biggest stars in the industry: Beyoncé, Mariah Carey, Jennifer Lopez, and Katy Perry, to name a few. Needless to say, she's the best-possible resource for brides who want vibrant, dimensional hair color on the big day. Luckily, Hazan shared some of her expert tips for brides-to-be with Martha Stewart Weddings—it's the next best thing to sitting in her chair. The following advice will help you avoid what Hazan says is the most common hair mistake brides make: going for too big of a change right before the wedding.

Don't dye your hair for the first time right before your wedding.

"If it's the first-ever time a bride wants to color her hair, I do not recommend it at all," says Hazan. Another thing to avoid at all costs? "I also don't recommend changing your colorist prior to the wedding; it's best to continue to go to the same person you always go to as they know you and your hair the best."

Get honest about your color timeline.

Do you really love fresh color, or do you typically fall in love with the shade two weeks post-dye job? Your answer should ultimately inform when you book your pre-wedding appointment. "It really depends on personal preference," explains Hazan.

Highlights are the best way to add dimension to your hair.

If you're nervous about deviating from your everyday look entirely, but want to bring dimension to your hair (something that will definitely translate in photos), consider highlights—they don't require a "drastic change," notes the expert. This is also a timely approach, adds Hazan, who says natural, tone-on-tone color is one of the biggest bridal hair color trends right now.

Ramp up your product arsenal to prolong your pre-wedding color.

To maintain your shade, Hazan recommends using a gloss like the Rita Hazan True Color Shine Gloss two to three times a week before the big day, "depending on how much the bride-to-be shampoos her hair," she clarifies. "If your hair gets greasy quickly, I usually recommend that you wash her hair every day. Typically, I recommend to my clients who can keep their hair without getting greasy to use the gloss every two days." As for the best way to make a bride's actual big-day hairstyle last throughout her celebration? "My go-to trick is to use clip-in extensions in your hair as it helps the style stay put," she notes. "But it's important not to be drastic. For example, if your hair is short, you should use short clip in extensions versus super long."


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