The comedian and host brought the fiancées onto the Ellen Show after their first engagement in Paris went viral.

By Nashia Baker
November 20, 2019

Ellen DeGeneres just gave a newly-engaged couple something else to be excited about. After fans Kate Austin and Sarah Sulsenti's proposal story and photos—the moment happened near the Eiffel Tower—went viral, they reached out to Ellen, first asking her to attend their wedding. The host delivered something better: She brought them onto her show to express her support and, of course, surprise them with a few gifts.

Live on the Ellen Show, she presented the couple with a life-size box—their close family and friends were unexpectedly inside. Surrounded by the people the couple loves most, Sarah used the moment to give Kate her own proposal (Kate first asked Sarah to marry her in Paris). Just before she dropped down to one knee, she said, "The way you feel today is the way you make me feel every day, and I can't wait to spend the rest of my life feeling that way. Will you be my wife?" After Kate accepted, Ellen took the opportunity to congratulate them. "Everybody deserves love, that's all the matters in this life is love," she told the duo.

Kate initially tagged Ellen and Chrissy Teigen in a tweet following their Paris engagement, in the hopes that one of the celebrities could walk her down the aisle (the couple's parents aren't supportive of their union). While Ellen expressed that she wouldn't be able to attend the wedding on the show, she did give the couple a cardboard cut-out of herself to incorporate into the celebration. To top off the surprise, Ellen gave them a check for $25,000 to use towards wedding expenses.

Kate went on to share Ellen's influence on her and many other LGBTQ women on the cusp of tying the knot. "If it wasn't for someone like you, I wouldn't have had the courage to go out in the public and propose to my fiancée," she said. "You've paved the way for queer women everywhere. And it's just the most inspiring thing." Ellen gave the fiancées and other viewers encouraging words before the segment cut: "So for Kate and all the people out there who are not accepted by their family, you are loved by so many people and we love you for who you are exactly," she said. "For anyone struggling out there, just be proud of who you are."


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