DIY Save-the-Dates

Folded Heart Save-the-Date


These cards unfold to reveal a weekend's worth of activities, which makes them ideal for weddings with multiple events.

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Scratch-and-Save Save-the-Dates

YunHee Kim

You won the lottery when you found each other, so send this cheeky save-the-date card to let guests share in your luck. After scraping off the paint with a penny, they'll hit the jackpot: your wedding date!

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Fabric Save-the-Date


Give texture to your save-the-dates by constructing fabric characters to add to your announcement.

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Mini Postcard Package


These charming save-the-dates prove good news can come in small packages, too.

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Photo Flip-Book Save-the-Date


For a twist on plain old save-the-date cards, take shots of someone knotting a cord and holding a sign that says, "We're tying the knot; please save the date," and turn them into flip books. Companies like Flip Clips will make these for you if you don't want to assemble the books yourself.

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Creative Calendar Cards

Yunhee Kim

Whether it's a folded calendar, a mini version, a single page, or a simple sentiment on kraft paper, these ideas are hard to forget.

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Folded Envelope Save-the-Date


With its graceful calligraphy, this letter captures the romance of a love note from another era, but with a contemporary twist: It folds into its own origami-style envelope.

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Personalized Save-the-Date

Johnny Miller

Pose for the camera spelling out love with your fingers for a sweet photo to send along with your save-the-date card.

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Card Stock Calendars


These calendars make a more substantial reminder than a simple save-the-date card. Have your stationer print the cards, or do it yourself on your computer.

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Ribbon Reminder


Open this card, and the details (literally) come spilling out.

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Note Cube Save-the-Date


To create these custom paper blocks printed with your wedding date, download the clip art, then send it for printing.

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Needle and Thread Map


These two America-happy postcards put your big day -- and your personal touch -- on display.

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Paper Plane Save-the-Date


This paper plane is playful and hip (use our online clip art for the plane and the envelope liner), and the response will be pure childlike glee.

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Compass Save-the-Date


When guests spin the bottom portion of this interactive compass-inspired card, they'll see all the activities you have planned for the big day.

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Encrypted Save-the-Date


Save-the-date information is printed in blue on these curious cards, and then a red squiggle design is printed over them to obscure the announcement. When guests use a red lens to decode and read the card, the big-day details become clear.

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Personal Poster Save-the-Date


This poster-like message is off the charts when it comes to cool and doubles as a keepsake for your guests.

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Spinner Card Save-the-Date


When guests twist the strings on this handmade spinner and pull, it creates an image of a heart that's been pierced by Cupid's arrow.

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Quirky Save-the-Date Themes

Annie Schlechter

Photo booth pictures, magnets, or the dreams of a schoolgirl who practiced writing her married name in her notebook all make great themes.

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Bookmark Save-the-Date

Annie Schlechter

These bookmark reminders were printed on lightweight card stock, five per sheet, and trimmed to 2-by-7-inch strips. Punch holes; add store-bought tassels. Mail in glassine envelopes with card-stock inserts bearing the address.

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Save-the-Date Stickers


Personalize informative adhesive labels to send guests a reminder that's sure to stick.

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