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By Nashia Baker
April 02, 2020
Getty Images

Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively are one of Hollywood's most candid couples. And while they may tease each other publicly, they always support each other's careers, past and present—even in the middle of a pandemic. After a Twitter user wrote, "I need to know if @VanCityReynolds has watched Gossip Girl. I NEED to know," Ryan answered with a hilarious response, Entertainment Tonight reports: "I didn't watch it. I drank it through my eyes," he wrote of his wife's hit show.

Beyond confirming his love for Gossip Girl, Ryan recently appeared on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert to catch his fans up on what his and Blake's lives look like in quarantine. As for how they're spending their days? They're maximizing their time with their three daughters. "I like just being here with the girls. I like doing the girls' stuff," he told the talk show host, reports Just Jared. "This morning we made dresses out of tissue paper, which was fun for them."

The married couple of nearly eight years is also making self-isolation an educational family affair. "We're doing a lot of home-schooling. We're lucky enough to have a little, tiny garden, so we're learning a little bit about gardening. We're trying to make this an educational experience," Ryan said.

Another (hilarious) quarantine activity that is keeping the couple busy? Blake is apparently planning to give Ryan a haircut. "She did this once before. It took two-and-a-half hours. And then at the end it looked like she had done the whole thing using only a lighter or, like those gloves that are made of sandpaper," Ryan joked. "It would have been a little faster if she had just rubbed my head until the hair disappeared."


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