Plus, she's ready to plan her brother's wedding.
Julianne Hough Emmys Red Carpet 2017
Credit: John Shearer/Getty Images

If there's one star who proves that marriage is great, it's Julianne Hough. Since tying the knot with Brooks Laich over the summer, the dancer can't stop gushing about being a wife. Entertainment Tonight recently spoke with the star, and she shared even more about married life.

"All my friends are like, 'I think you're the most excited person to be married ever!' she admitted. "I'm still an independent, strong woman, and what's amazing is I feel even more independent, even more strong, full, and enriched. And I feel sexier," she added. The outlet also questioned the celebrity about the possibility of the couple having kids.

"Obviously, that is in our future," Hough began. "We do want that, but we're totally enjoying being married right now, and we just wanna be under the same roof and living fully full-time together as husband and wife for a few years, and we'll see what happens," she explained.

While Hough may not be ready to expand her immediate family just yet, she's more than ready to start planning another wedding! When asked by ET if she'd be willing to help her brother, Derek Hough, with his, she responded, "1000 percent." "That was the only thing about the wedding… it was amazing, but now I don't get to plan anything else. That's sad," she dished. "So, all my girlfriends, my guy friends, Derek, I'm like, 'If you need any help, hint, hint.' I love it!" That being said, Derek hasn't suggested that he's getting engaged anytime soon. While he's been dating girlfriend Hayley Erbert since 2015, he thinks marriage isn't something "that should be rushed."


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