What a gesture!
wedding rings in space
Credit: Thomas Pesquet via Instagram

Celestial inspiration is pretty much everywhere in the wedding world right now, but this best man just took it to a whole new level. According to Space.com, French astronaut Thomas Pesquet decided to bring his best friend's wedding ring to space during his six-month stay at the International Space Station.

"In my 1.5 kg 'hand luggage', I brought the wedding rings of my friends getting married this summer!" Pesquet wrote on Instagram. "I'll be back in time to be their witness." The engraved silver band denotes that the couple will tie the knot on August 14, which perfectly coincides with Pesquet's return to Earth earlier this summer. That is, as long as the astronaut best man ensured they didn't float away in near-zero gravity aboard the space station!

While it has to be a little nerve-wracking knowing your rings are floating roughly 248 miles above Earth, the sentiment behind it is pretty spectacular. Commenters on Pesquet's Instagram post have been quick to comment on the romantic nature of the best man's gesture. Many even mentioned it's incredibly romantic! One thing's for sure: Pesquet has definitely earned himself a top spot in the wedding party.

As for Pesquet, he doesn't have any impending plans to tie the knot, but France 24 reports that he does have a girlfriend. Maybe his grand romantic gesture will push that twosome towards the altar!


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