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If you picked up the new summer issue of Martha Stewart Weddings, you probably stumbled across our page about aura photography. Sure, the pictures looked fun, but what's an aura, anyway? And what exactly does it have to do with celebrating on your special day? We spoke with an aura expert to learn more about the activity.

Ihar Cherski and Alaknanda Nabar, co-founders of Brooklyn-based Family of Light Holistic Center, have a unique history with aura reading. After bonding over their interconnected energies, the couple strove to share the experience with others, and their aura photography services were born. Here, Cherski gives the low-down on the practice, from what an aura is to why it matters for your wedding.

What's an aura, anyway?

"Aura is a layer of electromagnetic field that surrounds the human body. It is made out of vibrations produced by our cells, organs, and emotions," shares Cherski. If you're still not sure exactly what that means, think of it this way: "Just like there is an atmosphere around the Earth," humans have their own layers of energy. Auras say a lot about us and who we mesh with. "Our aura radiates into the space a lot of different frequencies that serve as an electromagnetic signature," Cherski explains. Have you ever found yourself thinking that someone had a "positive or negative vibe?" You were probably "experiencing their aura."

Auras are best represented through their colors, which symbolize different personalities and emotional states. "The aura colors can change depending on our health, emotions, mood, and activities," says Cherski.

How does aura photography work?

"Aura photography is a bio-feedback system that captures the energy that your aura and body are giving of," explains Cherski. It works by using an aura camera and hand plate sensor, which capture your body's vibrations. The process is totally non-invasive, he shares, and even safe for infants and those who are expecting. Cherski's services produce a pages-long report about your body's specific energies, including information about your body's chakras and the planets you most resonate with. The best part, though, may be the actual picture-"a beautiful photograph of a person with all the colors of the aura surrounding his body."

How can it play a part in your wedding?

Not only does aura photography capture your guests faces, but it may also showcase the emotions of your special day. "It is a fun and interactive experience for the guests to have at the wedding because they become a part of the energy and emotions of love, happiness, and excitement," shares Cherski. Each guest who participates "receive[s] a mini-polaroid keepsake," which you can customize with a wedding logo or monogram. Meanwhile, experts make themselves available to interpret the results.

Whether you use them as favors or compile a photo album to use as your wedding's guest book, the souvenirs are both fun and informative and totally cool to have.

What's love got to do with it?

You and your partner can benefit from a reading-at least according to Cherski. He believes that the practice helped him and wife Nabar strengthen their special bond. No matter how invested you are in auras, learning more about your partner can never hurt. Plus, Cherski says that auras can change as couples grow together. Might we suggest an anniversary photo session to see how your relationship's evolved?


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