Find out what the stars have in mind for your future gown.

Every wedding is unique, but are there some details of your big day that are pre-written in the stars? As it turns out, there are a few things you can glean about your upcoming nuptials from your astrological sign, including your future wedding dress. Whether you just got engaged or are already hunting for your dream dress, read on to see what your zodiac sign says about your bridal style. Astrologist Susan Miller, founder of Astrology Zone, breaks it all down here.


Less is more for the Aries bride. "Aries women find beauty in simplicity," says Miller. "She loves a simple gown, something sleek that she can make beautiful." If you're an Aries, there's also a good chance you know exactly what you want, regardless of what the current trends are. Odds are good that your shopping trips will be a collaborative effort instead of the consultant doing all of the picking.


As the most sensuous sign of the zodiac, the material of your wedding dress will play a big part in her final selection. Miller says that Taurus brides are often drawn to things that feel good to the touch, like silk or taffeta with details like a delicate embroidery. "She wants to have both comfort and beauty," says Miller.


A Gemini bride is always on-trend. "She'll cut out photos of new wedding dresses from magazines to bring with her when she goes shopping," Miller explains. Don't be afraid to make a vision board for your wedding dress and reference it often if you're torn between looks.


A Cancer bride doesn't care if the wedding dress she loves is currently popular; her top priority is that it fits with her personal aesthetic. "She wants frills and lace," adds Miller. "She doesn't care what a bridal consultant shows her. She'll choose a wedding dress that's really her."


Voted most likely to buy a designer dress, Miller adds that Leo brides are concerned with one thing: making an entrance. The good news is that she knows exactly how to accomplish it. "She'll wear the kind of wedding dress that people will say, 'That's perfect for her,'" Miller explains. "And she'll have a lot of bridesmaids."


A bit more modest than her voracious predecessor, Virgo women tend to be a bit more uncomfortable in the spotlight. Miller explains that this type of bride would prefer to share the attention with her friends. In terms of fashion, she's in luck: A Virgo bride is bound to look good in any style, so she can choose a more subdued look and still shine.


"She is the quintessential party girl," Miller says of the Libra bride. Ruled by Venus, it's no surprise that Libras would be one of the most feminine Zodiac signs. While Miller says her day-of look won't be overly frilly, she will take a vested interest in ensuring the details are romantic and soft.


Scorpio brides may choose to have a small, intimate wedding-"They tend to get overwhelmed around a lot of people," Miller says-with just their closest friends and family in attendance. But that doesn't mean she'll wear a simple, understated wedding dress. Miller describes a Scorpio's dream gown as something very dramatic and sleek.


"Sagittarius women would rather spend their money on the honeymoon than on the wedding!" Miller laughs. That's why you won't find an over-the-top wedding dress on this bride. She's all about having fun and dancing the night away, so expected an understated, casual gown that lets her natural beauty shine through.


Believe it or not, Capricorns are the sentimental brides of the group. "She will probably have something on the menu from her childhood, maybe a dish her mother often made," says Miller. As a traditionalist, expect the Capricorn bride to choose something very classic, bordering on vintage, and accessorize with Grandma's pearls or Mom's veil. But she's no stick in the mud. Expect her look to be somewhere between Grace Kelly and Jennifer Lawrence.


Rules? What rules? An Aquarius bride is going to do things her way and she doesn't care what brides have done before her. She may choose to wear a big, bold dress or accessorize with something you wouldn't have expected. "She's far ahead of the rest of us," Miller says of this trendsetter's style. "She sees what is coming before anyone else."


Rounding out the bridal styles is Pisces, the zodiac's version of a princess. "She just wants to look like Cinderella," says Miller. But don't let their style fool you: The rest of the wedding will be designed around this bride's future preferences, not her childhood dreams.


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