From fragrant candles to cozy slippers, these are the add-ons you'll want to consider.

By Alyssa Brown
April 12, 2019
chelsea conor wedding welcome bag
Credit: KT Merry

Whether you're hosting a destination wedding or keeping it local, there's a good chance that at least some of your guests will be staying in hotels. Rather than stick to the standard amenities and straightforward service for your room block, you might consider upping the ante with more thoughtful upgrades. From transportation to personal notes in each room, here are our top five ways to make your wedding guests' hotel stay feel more like a treat.

Upgrade the check-in process.

It's impossible to greet each and every guest at the hotel when they check in, but you can be there welcoming them in spirit with a handwritten, personalized note. If your hotel is able to pass out notes, a welcome bag, or welcome treat at check-in, your guests will surely feel the love. Some hotels prefer to place these kinds of welcome gifts inside the suites instead, which is certainly easier for guests checking in with lots of bags in tow.

Lagniappe amenities.

Most hotel rooms and suites come with the basics like shampoo, body wash, and fragrant lotions, so there's no need to add to that unless you'd like to upgrade the offerings. Instead, you might consider including a small fragrant candle, a couple of pairs of plush slippers, or robes for your guests. Depending on the location, you might choose something more destination specific, such as a set of Turkish towels to take to the beach.

Coordinate turndown service deliveries.

Many hotels allow wedding hosts to include a treat for their guests during daily turndown service. This could be anything from a tasty local pastry to a small bottle of sparkling wine. If you decide to include a turndown treat, you'll want to go with something your guests will be excited to discover in the evening hours when they return to their rooms. Chewy chocolate chip cookies are always a hit.

Include a spa service.

While most spa minimums will be met via guest bookings, that's not always the case. Make a point to check in with the spa at the start of the weekend, and if you need to make a few bookings, you can always surprise some of your guests with a voucher or personalized note to head to the spa for a massage on your tab.

Arrange airport shuttles.

As an added courtesy, you might consider arranging shuttles for your guests to get to and from the airport. This is something you may be able to coordinate through the hotel or through a local transportation company, with little organizing required on your part. To add a little extra luxury to the experience, consider hiring individual town cars rather than shuttle buses for these transfers.


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