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Floral proposals vary across the board with their pricing. Some include delivery, install, and breakdown in a flat rate, while others line item every arrangement and each individual service charge. If you're looking at your florist's pricing and aren't sure what to make of the breakdown fee, it may be helpful to know that most of these pros see what they do as a service, and they'd be happy to talk you through the ins and outs of what their pricing is based on. In order to have this conversation with your florist, it may be helpful to know some of the basics of why they charge for breakdown and pickup.

How the End of the Wedding Usually Works for a Florist

Typically, a florist departs a wedding venue after everything is setup and the before the event begins. They'll return at the end of the event to collect flowers, vessels, candleholders, and any additional props they used for the wedding. They'll also deal with breaking down any large arrangements and collecting smaller arrangements to either be given away to charity, repurposed for your next-day brunch, or tossed in the trash.

Loading Out Usually Goes Quickly

Depending on the venue, there may be time constraints for the florist to work within, so the event space is vacated by a particular time. There's usually a team dedicated to the breakdown and clean-up, and if the timing is very tight, a larger staff may be necessary. If your breakdown cost seems high, it may be worth asking how many staff members will be involved in the clean-up.

Transparent Pricing

For many floral designers, the simplest way to structure pricing is to be transparent in showing their clients what the floral budget is allotted to. In this case, rather than charging a flat rate of x-amount for all service charges, they'll line-item delivery, installation, and breakdown. Though these line items are non-negotiable, they're helpful for clients who want to see where their budget is being allotted.

Pickup Isn't Always Necessary

Weddings with small décor plans may not require florists to breakdown or pick-up at the end of an event. Instead, the arrangements may be made to give as gifts to guests, and the candles may be disposable. In other cases, a wedding coordinator might return the vessels to the florist if that's all they'd be returning to the venue for. It may be worth asking your florist if pickup is necessary based on your event's details.


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