The Dancing with the Stars pro shares her best advice for keeping your fitness streak going when the temps get cold.
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Credit: Brandon Showers

Winter weather can put a deep freeze on your fitness plan. Those outdoor jogs that were somewhat inviting during the fall now seem downright cruel. But it's still possible to stay hot on you path to the altar, swears Dancing with the Stars pro Kym Herjavec, who married businessman and former dance partner Robert Herjavec last July. Here, Herjavec, who also owns Beverly Hills' dance and fitness studio The Bod, reveals her top tips for staying in step when the temps drop.

Create a calendar.

The fitness guru suggests planning out your routine in the same way you'd create a wedding checklist with weekly and monthly goals. As you reach each one, give yourself a metaphorical (or literal-why not?) gold star. She explains, "It is amazing how positive reinforcement works and encourages you to continue on your path to get in shape."

Keep a journal.

She also recommends logging your workouts and your daily meals. It may seem stringent "but it will encourage you to be honest with yourself," and thus help you make more realistic health goals. "By maintaining a journal, you will stay on track and be able to see firsthand if you are progressing regularly with your routine," she explains. Not into writing everything longhand? There are plenty of apps for that!

Take it inside.

On days when the mercury is just too low, it's smart to have a stack of fitness DVDs on-hand or look into an online fitness service. (Herjavec streams workout videos on her site.) "There's so much selection nowadays and exercising on-the-go is easier," she says. "The main thing is to make sure you make a commitment and workout several times a week."

Warm up!

If you're going to brave the outdoors, Herjavec suggests getting your muscles ready before stepping into the chilly temps, whether that means jogging in place or doing cardio moves such as jumping jacks. "As with every workout, it's important to do a five to ten-minute warm-up to get blood flowing to your muscles."

Trash your junk.

It's far easier to indulge when cookies and other sweets are at the ready. The professional dancer suggests tossing anything that lacks nutritional value. "If it's not there, you won't be tempted to binge eat or eat the wrong things," she says. "The goal is to keep the healthy main staples and get rid of everything else."

Make a plan.

A meal plan, that is. It's tempting to eat more when the weather gets frosty. Herjavec advises finding healthy recipes (she features dishes such as banana pancakes in her book, The 5678 Diet) and doing meal prep. "By planning in advance, you will find it easier to stay on a healthy eating track," she adds.

Guzzle H2O.

There are a slew of benefits to staying hydrated, says Herjavec, who likes to start her day by drinking hot water with lemon. She says sipping enough of the clear stuff can often help you lose weight (it's easy to mistake hunger for thirst), crush sugar cravings, and alleviate muscle cramping that can derail your workout plans.

Buddy up.

Committing to workouts with a pal a few times a week can assure you keep at it. Knowing someone is waiting for you to get their sweat on will hold you accountable, notes Herjavec, "and you can use each other for encouragement."

Venture out.

Trying something different-whether it's a dance class or those hot yoga sessions you keep hearing about-can provide your body a much-needed jolt, she notes. "Having something new and exciting will keep you motivated through the cold winter months."

Go shopping.

If all else fails, stock up on some super cute cold weather workout gear. Not only will that ensure you have the proper gear to tackle cold temps, but you'll want to slip it on. Says Herjavec, "You should feel comfortable and fabulous!"


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