Name of Love is taking bridesmaid dress shopping totally digital.

By Jane Asher
August 11, 2016
Name of Love Bridesmaids' Dresses
Credit: Name of Love/Lisa Ramsay

Name of Love, a new online destination for bridesmaids' dresses, is trying to make shopping for a bridesmaid's dress easier-and more stylish. "The process of selecting a bridal party's attire is stressful for both the bride and the bridesmaids. Opinions, body types, and budgets can range," explain Name of Love founders Merrill Moskal and Simona Popvassilev. So, the New York City-based duo set out to design a curated collection of bridesmaids' dresses that are chic and affordable with prices starting at $198.

Things All Bridesmaids Need to Know About Dress Shopping
Name of Love bridesmaids dresses
Credit: Name of Love/Lisa Ramsay

Brides can head to the site to create a showroom for their bridal party, choosing the dresses they want to see on their girls. She can edit her digital showroom any time she wants to accommodate her bridesmaids. It's a process that the founders hope mimic the traditional bridal-salon experience. "The sentiment and experience of choosing together is [still] important," Moskal and Popvassilev say. "Through her custom showroom, the bride can see who's liking which styles she's chosen and who's ordered-all in one place."

Looks That Prove Bridesmaid Dresses Can Be Chic
Name of Love bridesmaids dresses
Credit: Name of Love/Lisa Ramsay

There are 14 styles and each is available in three fabrics (a luxe, heavy-weight crepe, a satin back crepe, and a signature lace) and eight colors. Bridesmaids can fill out their sizes and measurements and get their dresses sent directly to them from the online shop. Plus, style consultants are available online to help guide the bride and her friends through the entire process.

Rules for Shopping for Your Own Bridesmaid Dress
Name of Love Bridesmaid Dress
Credit: Name of Love/Lisa Ramsay

The colors and silhouettes available on the site are meant to mix-and-match, but still retain a cohesive look for your bridal party. With a variety of shapes, necklines, and colors, there's something to complement every type of bridesmaid. "Not every girl is the same," the pair said. "We encourage the brides to choose a few silhouette options in a mix-and-match, yet cohesive palette-so every girl will love that she has an option to feel her best self."


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