The departing commander-in-chief looked dapper beside the altar.
Michelle and Barack Obama at State Dinner in Singapore

President Barack Obama is departing the White House in style, having just thrown the star-studded presidential going-away party of the century. He also made time to play a very special role-groomsman at his aide's wedding this weekend!

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People reports that Obama-wedding guest of our dreams-took a trip down to Jacksonville via Air Force One for the nuptials. Though Michelle Obama could not attend, there was another big name in attendance: The marriage, which united Marvin Nicholson and Helen Pajcic, was officiated by Secretary of State John Kerry.

Nicholson, a favorite golfing partner of the president, also holds the title of White House trip director. He wed Helen Pajcic, a special assistant at the U.S. Department of Education, at a private ceremony in the bride's hometown. Various Florida news outlets reported on the event, with one reporter sharing a snapshot from the celebration on Twitter.

Obama, as expected, looked dapper as ever, and we can only imagine the jokes (and dance moves) he pulled throughout the night.

POTUS and Kerry aren't the only big names to grace weddings as of late-the first daughters were rumored bridesmaids for their mother's former chief of staff, while Vice President Joe Biden officiated the wedding of two other staffers. Just more proof that the current White House is one big family, and all the more reason we'll be sad to see them go.


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