Give the MOB and MOG a heads up about these important details.
mother of the bride black dress

Since weddings aren't cookie-cutter affairs, there are some details that you'll want to share with your mom and future mother-in-law about your big day before they start dress shopping. Of course, that means all of these elements have to be in place before your mothers can really start searching for their big-day looks. Luckily, they're basic things that you'll likely figure out early on. Here's what to know before you debrief the ladies.

The level of formality.

Will your wedding be formal or informal? Black-tie or beach casual? That will make a huge impact on the appropriate style and length of the moms' dresses.

Your wedding locale.

What your venue is like affects whether Mom will wear a short simple dress (perfect for a wedding on a ranch or in a park) or a long bejeweled gown (a stylish choice for a ballroom or country club affair).

When it's happening.

The season and time of day are other important pieces of the puzzle. Though some styles and fabrics are timeless, others are more season-specific. Think of how a light pink sleeveless dress would look out of place at an evening wedding in December.

The wedding's colors.

If you're thinking about a black-gold-and-white wedding theme, you wouldn't want Mom to show up in a lime green outfit, which comes across as perky not posh.

The color of the bridesmaids' dresses.

The moms have traditionally coordinated with the girls in the bridal party. That means avoiding the same color but choosing one that complements the bridesmaids.

The color of the bride's dress.

If you're wearing white, the moms certainly know they should not. But that advice goes for whatever color you're wearing-it's your color and off-limits to anyone else, even the moms!


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