And it's coming up soon!
Nikki Bella and John Cena proposal

Nikki Bella and John Cena recently got engaged, and just like that, they're ready to wedding plan, at least according to Bella. E! News just caught up with the wrestler, who dished on her pre-wedding to-do list.

"I'm in the very much beginning stages," Bella shared, saying she's still "soaking it in." "I can't wait too long, he might run off!" she joked, adding that she's got to "lock [Cena] in." Despite the lack of serious planning, the wedding will happen soon, with Bella predicting she may tie the knot within the next year.

As for the style of her and Cena's nuptials, she hopes for something low-key. "No elephants," she told the outlet, as a way of saying that things won't be too grand. "I think we're just going to keep it super intimate and just family and friends," she admitted. Nikki was also spotted previewing wedding dresses at Bridal Fashion Week, and told E! News in a separate interview that her dream dress included a tight waist and "some cleavage."

While the couple may not be having kids of their own, Bella did reach out to another set of celeb babies-Beyoncé's new twins. "Beyoncé, if you need help or tips, call me girl!" the Total Divas star offered. Seeing as she's a twin herself, we assume she's totally qualified!

Cena proposed to Bella in April with a giant Tiffany engagement ring. "I never thought I would use this emoji," Bella posted (with the diamond ring emoji, obvs) on Instagram. We're glad the pair are still totally blissful and ready to move closer to the aisle.


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