You and your groom have enough to worry about—leave this baggage behind!

Make sure you're prepared with these wedding-day essentials (we're looking at you hand-held steamer, pair of flats, portable speakers, stylish robe, and more), but give these usual necessities the day off.

1. Your Cell Phone

Who would you need to call if everyone you love is accounted for? Leave the photo snapping and posting to your bridesmaids, groomsmen, guests, and family. You can view, tag, and comment on photos the day after. It'll be fun to relive your day anyhow! Plus, you and your guy won't be tempted to send snaps to each other before the first look-or your walk down the aisle.

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2. Inbox Zero

Unanswered emails, one-day-only coupons, and "reply-all" responses can be left un-read and unsorted. Contrary to popular belief, your inbox won't blow-up if the number of messages hits double digits.

3. A Cell-Phone Charger

If you insist on packing your cellphone, a good way to check your usage is to pay mind to the battery power. If your iPhone starts losing major juice, take that as a sign that you've had enough screen time for the day, and you should power down-not up!

4. Gum

With all the candid photos and poised portraits to come, the two of you need to be camera-and smile-ready at all times. Don't get caught with a wad of gum in your mouth-pack mints instead!

5. Pastimes

Fashion magazines, books, video games (the groom knows what we're talking about), and Candy Crush, can stay tucked away. For most of the day (even the earliest hour), you'll be surrounded by your closest friends and family; don't take your time with them for granted!

6. Keys

House and car keys are destined for the lost and found if packed along for the big day. Of even more importance: your room key should be entrusted with the front desk of your hotel with instructions that you'll be coming for it at the end of the night.

7. Your Honeymoon Luggage

If you are headed straight to the airport from the reception, then assign a bridesmaid, friend, or planner with the task of ensuring your luggage ends up in the getaway car. You don't want to set foot in the Bahamas only to realize that your carry-on (and adorable new bikini) is still stateside in your dressing room or back at the hotel.

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8. A Selfie Stick

Leave the photo props to your friends. How will you hug the necks of your nearest and dearest, or hold your guy's hand (or that signature cocktail), if one is tied up by a tech tool?

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