It's perfect for all of your wedding-planning texting needs.
Designer Hayley Paige
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Have you ever wanted to use an emoji to express the emotional journey of getting married, but found that you've exhausted the bride and ring stickers in your conversations with friends and family? Hayley Paige can help you with that. The bridal designer, known for her whimsical and playful creations, launched an emoji keyboard called Holy Matrimoji dedicated to exactly what you want: Stickers that say everything you want to say (without saying it, of course) about the wedding-planning process.

From a "bridezilla repellant" to "team bride" hat, Holy Matrimoji covers the spectrum of wedding-related emoji needs. "I'm an emoji enthusiast and believe in their ability to lightheartedly express emotions and elevate an often stagnant dialogue," Paige told Martha Stewart Weddings of her new app. "And if there is any place where emotions run highest, it's during the wedding process! I truly felt like the wedding world required its own emoji language that energetically represents that euphoric and overtaxed state of emotions. I created Holy Matrimoji to serve that purpose not just in representation of the Hayley Paige brand, but in honor of the wedding industry as a whole."

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Paige illustrated every sticker in the keyboard, often indulging in another facet of design. "Keeping in touch with my imagination and being playful in my environment is the best way to personify my gowns," Paige explained. "I also believe that expressing something relative and personal allows a for a receptive engagement. Emojis not only allow for that type of interaction but they also speak to an audience that appreciates artistic value. Hand-drawing each emoji allowed me to authentically tap into that aesthetic."

As for Paige's favorite classic emoji? "Most people would assume the unicorn, but it's actually the one of the pink nails/manicure," the designer said. "It's what I call ‘LIT' in emoji form. I send it for when ‘I'm busy' or feeling 'diva-ish'."

Holy Matrimoji is now available for download from the app store for $1.99.

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