His brother, Jonathan, has some ideas up his sleeve, too.
Property Brothers star Drew Scott and fiancee Linda Phan
Credit: Drew Scott via Instagram

Property Brothers star Drew Scott may be preparing for the fifth season of his home makeover show, Brother vs. Brother, with his twin brother Jonathan-but that doesn't mean he isn't thinking about his upcoming wedding. And if the details he's sharing are any proof, Drew is totally focused on that big day and the wedding theme he and fiancée Linda Phan are putting together.

The couple, who have been engaged since December, don't have a wedding date pinned down yet but they do have some pretty special ideas in mind for their wedding ceremony. "She's Chinese, I'm Scottish, so we might do a traditional Scottish wedding with kilts, traditional Chinese wedding with those lovely red gowns they wear," Drew said, according to ET. "Then infuse the two together, and do something like that."

Drew also revealed he wants Jonathan and his older brother, J.D., to act as co-best man-a role his twin jokes is a "cop out." But that's not the only wedding job Jonathan is taking on for Drew's wedding. His fellow Brother vs. Brother star will also be planning Drew's bachelor party and is quick to talk up his planning skills. "I am the best bachelor party planner," Jonathan said. "I know that Drew loves extreme stuff, so we will do something very active and crazy and wild."

Jonathan also shared his willingness to be the couple's wedding singer, too. "I am like a two-for-one [deal]," he joked. "The savings you get by having me as your wedding singer and your best man, this is it." We might pay to see that particular endeavor brought to life. Is there anything these brothers can't do?


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