New photos show that the bride changed into a third gown—a white slip dress!—during the reception.

While many details about Hailey Baldwin and Justin Bieber's second wedding—from the location and theme to the star-studded guest list—have begun to emerge, information about the model's wedding dress (or rather, dresses) have largely eluded fans. Until now, that is. Thanks to a few social media posts, we now know a little bit about Baldwin's two different reception dresses.

Following the ceremony, Baldwin changed into a gown that appears to pay homage to Meghan Markle's own reception dress. The white halter-neck number, which can be seen in many different photo booth images from the party, is quite similar to the one the Duchess of Sussex wore in May of 2018. As it turns out, that look wasn't the only one the bride surprised guests with during the party.

Evidence of a third wedding dress has seemingly emerged thanks to photos shared on Instagram by Scooter Braun, the groom's longtime manager. Along with a loving tribute to the couple, Braun shared five brand-new photos from the party. In the snapshots, the model can be seen wearing a strappy white slip dress. Braun captioned his post, "Incredible weekend celebrating love. Congrats to The Biebers. @justinbieber @haileybieber we love you," while his wife, Yael, also used the social media platform to express her admiration for the happy couple. "Thankful I got married already, because there will never be a more perfect bride than you @haileybieber. Inside and out, you are magic," she wrote.

As for what the bride wore during the ceremony, it seems like the world may never know. In a creative move, the couple had a white tent erected to shield the nuptials from the view of airborne paparazzi. The setup also ensured that the bride was covered as she walked from her getting-ready location to the ceremony itself.


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