The singer certainly has a soft spot for love.
Garth Brooks at a concert
Credit: Garth Brooks via Instagram

Garth Brooks or fairy godmother? When Jude and Jamie Blanchard attended one of Brooks' Lafayette, LA concerts, they thought they were just in for a night of good music. Little did they expect to be personally serenaded by the Grammy-award winner, let alone receive several boxes of wedding gifts from him later that week!

The country star spotted the engaged couple in their floor seats thanks to Jamie's neon sign reading "Best week ever: Garth this Friday, our wedding next Friday," according to USA Today. After addressing the couple from the stage, Brooks sang his hit "To Make You Feel My Love" for the pair-then asked what they wanted from their wedding registry, adding that "me and Mrs. Yearwood, we'll get it for you."

That was all Jamie needed to hear to pull a wedding invitation out of her purse and pass it up to the stage. And boy, did Brooks ever make good on his promise! The newly-married Blanchards received several boxes from Brooks and Yearwood on Wednesday, and inside were all items from their registry: two lounge chairs, a KitchenAid mixer, an iron, a meat-grinder, patio lights, and more.

"Jude pulled up yesterday and there were four huge boxes in front of our door," Jaime shared. "Another one was here today." The new bride added that it was all more than she imagined, saying, "It's a crazy amount of stuff. I don't know what I thought he was going to send us, but this is just beyond what we were expecting…I'm really humbled."

"I need to label them all with tags that say 'from Garth Brooks,'" Jaime joked, adding that she would have been thrilled with the concert alone. "I didn't need him to send anything because he sang to us."


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