You'll want to check these off the list ASAP.

Newlywed life can be a bit of a topsy-turvy world: You're thankful to be done with all of the wedding planning, yet you miss it-at least a little bit. Where once you were only looking toward the future, you now find yourself gazing at the rearview, thinking about how it all went by so fast. Rest assured, this is actually only the first chapter of everything that's to come in your life together, which means that there's no time like the present to set your sights on these year one marriage goals.

Make a plan for printing your wedding photos, stat.

Finally getting to see to your professional wedding photos is such a happy moment in those first few weeks of married life. On the other hand, realizing how much they're going to cost to have printed and framed can leave you feeling the sticker shock. Don't be deterred; these are keepsakes that will last a lifetime. And don't forget you've got wedding cash!

Order an official copy of your marriage certificate.

How your signed marriage license is officially filed with the county clerk's office depends on the protocol of your wedding venue or planner. Just make sure that you paid the extra fee to have a copy sent to your home address, too. It's an official document that you won't need often, but when you do need it you'll definitely want to have it.

Break out the good stuff.

Crystal, silver, porcelain, china-make a point in year one to start using some of the truly special entertaining pieces you received as wedding gifts, and not just during the holidays. They'll add a touch of elegance to any dinner party and will be a focal point of many memorable evenings to come.

Start a new tradition.

Your first year of marriage has no precedent; there's only the future in front of you. So why not take the opportunity to start a new tradition together? How about a reoccurring date night, once a month on a specific day, or an annual weekend getaway to the place where he proposed? Now's the time to start laying the groundwork for all of the future chapters of your life together!


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