These two are serious couple (and parent!) goals.
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Raising newborn twins is a lot of work, but it's a job that George Clooney has completely embraced (in addition to being the perfect husband, no less!). Clooney told Entertainment Tonight that he gets out of bed to keep his wife, Amal Clooney, and their three-month-old twins, Ella and Alexander, company during late night and early morning feedings. Just when you thought the Clooneys were as adorable as a couple can be, they go ahead and add power parents to the list!

"I do every three hours [and] if I don't get up, I feel guilty, you know?" he explained, at the premier of his new film Suburbicon in Toronto. "My wife is up nursing every three hours, so it's a lot of work but it's fun!" Amal, a human rights lawyer, and the twins didn't accompany Clooney to Toronto (the family resides, full-time, in London), but he makes sure to check in, even when he's a plane ride away. "They're in L.A. and I FaceTimed with them a few minutes ago," he said.

When he's not face-to-face (or screen-to-screen) with the twins, Amal keeps him in the loop by sending a steady stream of sweet baby photos, Clooney explained. "My wife just sent me that," he told an E! News, while showing off a picture of his children. Although the twins' grandparents hinted at their appearances at the time of their birth, the Clooney children are now starting to favor one parent. According to the lucky reporter who saw the snapshot, the resemblance is extremely striking.

Turns out, Ella and Alexander are looking more and more like their mother-and Clooney completely agrees. "That's Amal's eyes, I know," Clooney said. "Thank God!" Although, with genetics that strong (beauty and brains!), little Ella and Alexander really can't go wrong.


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