Surprise and delight your guests with these unique ideas.

By Alyssa Brown
February 14, 2019
parade umbrellas

Your reception entrance can be way more creative and energetic than a stock-standard DJ announcing you as a couple and playing a loud song while you enter the room. Instead, bring in live entertainment, arrive on a motorcycle, or involve all your guests in a fun moment. Creating a memorable reception entrance takes a little thinking outside the box, so here are some ideas to get you started.

Hire live entertainment for the entrance.

Kiersten Rooney, lead event producer and designer at LB Events, says, "We once had a bride and groom parade through the streets of Santa Barbara with a Mariachi band leading the way to their reception." That kind of high-energy entrance makes a memorable experience for guests. Similarly, New Orleans weddings typically will bring in a second line jazz band to march guests from the ceremony to the reception, involving everyone in the transition and setting a festive tone that carries through the rest of the event.

Consider alternate transportation.

Entering on a horse-drawn carriage to a barn wedding, or via vintage sports car to a vineyard wedding is unexpected and something your guests will remember. Rooney says, "I would love to see a bride and groom come into their reception on a motorcycle or in some kind of funky transportation like a cool car." Any type of alternate transportation works well for an outdoor venue where your guests will see you when you arrive.

Assemble a parade.

If the distance from your ceremony to the reception space is walkable, consider assembling a parade for the transition. You'll all make the entrance to the reception together, but it'll be so fun in the process and stand out in guests' memories for years to come. You can have balloons, noisemakers, masks, and all kinds of props available for guests to grab as they make their way to the next location.

Set off confetti cannons.

Colorful confetti canons are a good indicator that a party is about to get wild. If you want to go straight to the dancing part of your reception, something like a canon entrance could be just the right fit for your wedding.

Schedule a live performance.

A live performance can be a great way to blend local culture with your entrance to the reception. For example, if your wedding is in Hawaii, you can bring in hula dancers to introduce you as a couple and entertain your guests with a performance, which is something your family and friends won't soon forget.


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