Plus, how to pull it off.
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With friends and family scattered across the country and around the world, having one bridal shower just isn't realistic for most brides. While your friends and family back home may want to throw you a shower that's convenient for them, the folks you spend most of your time with might be vying a different type of celebration. There's no harm in having two bridal showers, but there are a few things to remember to ensure sure both events are a little different and that both are equally exciting for you to attend.

Have different guest lists with some crossover.

Since two different groups of people will be hosting your showers, the guest lists are going to vary based on the location. However, there are a few people who should be invited to both no matter what. Your bridesmaids, mom, and sisters, as well as your fiancé's mom, should be invited to attend both occasions, even if they live really far away. They'll understand that it's only necessary to attend one shower, but including these key ladies on both guest lists sets the tone of how important they are.

Let different people tackle the planning.

Since brides typically don't plan their own showers, you'll likely have different hostesses for each event. Brides can typically be pretty hands-off when it comes to planning a bridal shower, but you may find that it's helpful to introduce the hostesses to each other over email or text so they can share ideas and advise one another on event logistics and details.

Encourage two very different styles.

Whether or not you have guests attending both events, you'll still want each shower to have its own theme and style. While one may be a Sunday brunch on the deck of a nice restaurant, the other could be an afternoon pool party and BBQ. You might even set different themes for each, or suggest to the hostesses that you'd love for them to each come up with their own themes that play off of each other's ideas.

Don't take on too much.

The idea behind a bridal shower is that your friends and family are able to celebrate your engagement by showering you with gifts at an enjoyable gathering. If it turns out that having two showers is just too much with the travel involved and shipping of gifts, have a chat with the hostesses about ways to cut down on the excess. For your out-of-town shower, the hostess might suggest a "no gifts" policy or tell guests to mail their gifts to your home.


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