20 Tropical Leaf Wedding Bouquets

bride holding tropical leaf wedding bouquet
Sanaz Photography

Some of the most beautiful and exotic plants originate in tropical locations. Oftentimes, it's this natural vegetation that attracts so many couples to these breathtaking destinations—especially for weddings. Although we can't all tie the knot at these vacation spots, that doesn't mean we shouldn't use their resources to elevate our own events. The best way to do this? Incorporate tropical leaves throughout your wedding, particularly in your big-day bouquet. Whether you use tropical greenery as filler or as the main element of your clutch, there are so many ways to enhance your arrangement with this type of flora—and there are so many different types of greenery available to you. From split leaf philodendrons to colorful Chinese evergreens, the possibilities are endless.

Areca palms are one of the most popular tropical leaves you'll find in bouquets. Include them in your spray, and you'll instantly imbue your florals with a summery aesthetic. This particular plant is also compatible with a wide variety of blooms. Take this Flower Duet bouquet, for example. Though its palm elements stood out, they also played up the arrangement's other statement florals and greenery. Palms can also work as a subtler aspect of a more diverse selection thanks to their thinner shape. Either way, you're promised a stunning outcome.

Since no one tropical leaf looks quite like the other, you can even combine multiple types for a non-floral bouquet—they're that striking. It's no wonder that tropical foliage has inspired a major wedding bouquet trend. As you will notice ahead, there is tropical leaf bouquet inspiration fit for every bride and wedding theme.

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Orchid Clutch

Orchid Clutch tropical leaf bouquet
Alisha Tova

Areca palm, Japanese aralia, and calathea gave this orchid clutch by Maison Francis a unique shape.

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Areca Palm Filler

Areca Palm Filler tropical leaf bouquet
Allen Tsai Photography

This mixed arrangement by Tres Eventos featured areca palm as the main filler.

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Popping Hibiscus

Tropical Beach Wedding Bouquet
Kerry Jeanne Photography

Coral hibiscus popped at the center of this Bond in Bloom creation thanks to the surrounding tropical leaves.

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King Protea Arrangement

King Protea Arrangement tropical leaf bouquet
Amalie Orrange Photography

Lara's Theme used an array of large tropical leaves to balance the bold look of king protea.

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Framed White Florals

tropical leaf Framed White Florals bouquet
Anna Delores Photography

These bridesmaids held small bouquets of Chinese evergreens and ferns that beautifully framed white florals by Casa Blanca Event Design.

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Summery Aesthetic

tropical leaf and yellow floral wedding bouquet
Krista Mason Photography

Split leaf philodendron bordered this summery collection of smaller, yellow flowers and greenery by Lauryl Lane Botanical Stylist.

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Classic Beachy Arrangement

tropical leaf bouquet Classic Beachy Arrangement
Fondly Forever Photography

Flor Mimo brought this classic, beachy arrangement to life using bird of paradise leaves, split leaf philodendron, and lush white blooms.

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Chinese Evergreens

Chinese evergreens and orchids tropical leaf bouquet
Hazelnut Photography

The Bloomin Gypsy added Chinese evergreens to this selection to complement the cascading orchids' shape.

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Bold Blooms

tropical leaf greenery mixed with bold florals bouquet
Rebecca Arthurs

This arrangement, handmade with blooms purchased at a local market, featured a balance of colorful, bold flowers with subtle, tropical greenery.

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Sprawled Fronds

nonfloral wedding bouquets sposto photography
Sposto Photography

The shape of these fronds gave this Lavenders Flowers bouquet plenty of dimension.

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Muted Greenery

eleanor jacques wedding bridal bouquet
The Love Studio

Canteiro Weddings Rentals used tropical greenery to tone down the bright red and orange blooms in this arrangement.

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Green Ferns

Tropical Orchid Wedding Bouquet
Tracy Enoch Photography

An array of exotic ferns popped against white orchids and blush roses in this arrangement by Intic Design.

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Asymmetrical Peonies

stephanie jared wedding bouquet
Mirelle Carmichael Photography

This asymmetrical bouquet, created by Noonan's Wine Country Designs, featured a tight assortment of colorful peonies with cascading green palm leaves.

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Tropical Filler

sara danny mexico wedding bouquet tropical
Abby Jiu Photography

Canteiro Weddings collected local Mexican greenery from the couple's venue and worked the sprigs into the bride's wax flower and orchid bouquet.

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Foliage Assortment

nonfloral wedding bouquets cari courtright
Cari Courtright Photography

Tumbleweed Floral Truck put together this assortment of white and green anthurium, speckled aspidistra, and large monstera leaves; other forms of tropical foliage rounded out the look.

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Bright and Beachy

wedding bouquet
Rebecca Arthurs

Exotic ferns mixed in with peonies, ranunculus, cymbidium, orchids, protea, and dates on the branch gave this bright clutch by Grace Flowers Hawaii a beachy look.

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Supporting Leaves

KT Merry

Split leaf philondendron and areca palm perfectly supported this bouquet of cascading florals by Touch of Paradise, Inc.

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Exotic Florals

wedding couple bride groom
Brklyn View Photography

Bold Chinese evergreens stood out amongst a mix of exotic florals in this clutch by Rye Workshop.

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Gold Trim

orchid, roses, and tropical leaf wedding bouquet
VID Studio

Lovely Time Weddings & Events accented this orchid- and rose-filled bouquet by Michelle Lywood Love Blooms by painting dark split leaf philodendron with gold trim.

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