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After you get engaged, your planning to-do list will look something like this: Nail down the date, choose a venue, find your dream dress, and then start thinking about your big-day makeup look and hairstyle. For the latter, you'll find there are so many more options to choose from than you ever anticipated. According to Elvin Arvelo, owner and hair designer at New York City's Oon Arvelo Salon, trends in bridal hair change each year depending on what style wedding dress is most popular. "Softer, more flowing dresses can influence the hair by having the hair softer and flowing," he says. "Fitted dresses can call for a more classic style where hair is more in place." If you're getting hitched this summer or early on in the fall, here are the hairstyles that are most popular right now.

Down for the ceremony, up for the reception.

Though many brides have been jumping on the trend of changing looks between the ceremony and the reception, celebrity hair stylist Betsy Reyes says women are now doing a similar change for their hair. "It's a great way for brides to get pictures in different looks," she explains. "Also the reception is a time to let loose and party, so brides like putting their hair up so it's not in the way."

Soft waves with a veil.

Reyes says that, over the past few years, brides have been turning away from traditional trends and opting out of wearing a veil. But now? She says veils are making a comeback: "After all it's the one time in your life to wear it and completes the bridal hair look." But instead of making it overly complicated with a fancy style, Reyes suggests that brides go for soft waves with a veil that gently rests on their locks, for a whimsical, romantic vibe.

Updos with flowers.

Reyes has seen an uptick of brides who are looking to have nature weaved into their big-day look. "Hair accessories are hot right now and will continue to be a trend throughout summer. It's a great way to enhance a bridal updo," she says." Brides are looking to make their hairstyle different and adding flowers is a great way to do so. Plus, everyone has been going crazy over flowers in the hair since the whole festival craze."

Soft and moveable updos.

Who wants a ton of sticky hairspray in their bridal locks? Very few women this season, according to senior stylist Davina Quinonez. Instead of tight and crisp updos, she has seen more brides choose soft, moveable textures that have retro-like elements. "A style like this could be where the hair is down and set with curls, but then brushed out to reveal a soft Scarlet O'Hara-inspired look, with maybe a side pinup by the ear," she explains.

Pixie hairstyles.

Even for women who have always vowed by the short-hair-don't-care mentality, growing your hair out for your wedding day has always been a consideration. Arguably, it's easier to do more creative looks with longer hair, but is it a trend that's staying? Not anymore! As bridal glam specialist and stylist Keka Heron explains, "Many women are not doing the same ole' grow-your-hair-for-your-wedding-day thing. They are rocking lots of short and medium lengths wearing them down or even in very romantic modern updo."

Center part.

Consider how you style your hair for a day at the office: wash-and-air-dry? Blow dry? Let it fall naturally? Side part? Many women are casual with their hairstyle, allowing it to fall as it wills. Quinonez says that instead of the go-to side part, women are opting for a center part that's reminiscent of '70s style for their wedding day. "The side part is being replaced by a more sleek, modern center part. You will need a great blowout prior to the upstyle and a good hairspray to keep your hair in place especially if this is a new way to part your hair," she notes.


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