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After seasons of long, beachy waves, celebs are finally cutting their hair short. From Kendall Jenner's blunt bob to Rowan Blanchard's recent shoulder-grazing chop, we're loving these new hairstyles, and are happy to say that short cuts are a refreshing option for brides, too. "Shorter hair can be so pretty for weddings-it's effortless and easy-especially when you're wearing a gown," says celebrity hairstylist Laurie Heaps, who gave Blanchard her new look. "It's also low maintenance to style." To those who say short hair won't work with their face shape, Heaps says it actually all depends upon the cut. Are you thinking about making the chop before your big day? Then read on for the celebrity hairstylist's best advice on choosing the most flattering short haircut.

If you have a round-shaped face...

Heaps recommends having your hair cut to the collarbone so it just brushes the shoulder. "Usually, on a round face, I'll make the ends wispy so it's not bottom heavy. Then, if you subtly angle it around the edges, so that it's not completely one length, it helps lengthen the face," she says. Rowan Blanchard's cut is a perfect example of this, along with a style worn by Selena Gomez.

If you have an oval-shaped face...

For women with oval-shaped faces, Heaps prefers an angular bob, similar to Lucy Hale's look. "A cut like this emphasizes the face shape and shows off your cheekbones," Heap says.

If you have a square-shaped face...

Heaps likes to add layers and a side-sweeping fringe for haircuts on square faces. "It adds softness around the face and jawline," she says. Emma Roberts' recent cut is a great example.

If you have a heart-shaped face...

And for those with heart-shaped faces, Heap prefers a cut above the collarbone, "so it clears the shoulders," but has long layers and bangs to balance the face, like this cut on Karlie Kloss.

Or try the look that works on anyone!

As for that daring pixie that everyone from Zoe Kravitz to Kate Mara has tried, "it can really work on any face shape-it's more dependent upon who you are and your style," Heap says. "You have to be ready, you have to want it. As long as you're ready and confident in it, it's going to be beautiful."


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