What's old is new again, thanks to these expert-approved ideas.

"Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue." According to Old English tradition, having these four elements in your wedding ensemble brings good luck. Here, six wedding planners share their all-time favorite "something old" ideas, inspiring brides to incorporate thoughtful sentimentality into their big day.

Locket Love

"A bride had the floral designer attach a vintage locket to the base of the bouquet with ribbon," says Jesse Tombs, managing partner of Alison Events Planning + Design. "It was her grandmother's, and it had images of her grandmother and grandfather inside. It allowed them to be close to her on the bride's special day."

Hand-Me-Down Gown

According to Michelle Leo Cousins, event planner and designer at Michelle Leo Events, "One of our brides wore her mother's wedding dress. She altered it to fit her frame and made changes to it, so it was up-to-date with today's fashion. The process and the finished product were extremely meaningful and special."

Vintage Veil

"I had a client wear a veil that has been worn by women in her family for three generations. It was a beautiful and delicate lace. Watching her mom and sister pin it in her hair was an incredibly sweet moment that I was privileged to witness," says Jenna Lam, an event planner at Jenna Lam Events.

Customized Bouquet

"I always love seeing 'something old,' especially when it came from a mother's or grandmother's own wedding," says Tzo Ai Ang, owner and planner at Ang Weddings and Events. "There is something so incredibly romantic about that being passed through generations. I especially loved it when a bride used a piece of her mother's wedding gown to wrap around her bouquet."

Sentimental Accents

"A few years ago, a bride, who lost both her father and her sister, pinned pieces of their jewelry onto her bouquet. It was very touching and unique-a beautiful way for the family members she was missing so terribly to walk down the aisle with her on her wedding day," says Courtney Spencer, owner of Merriment Events.

Stitch It Up

Jacin Fitzgerald, owner and event planner at Jacin Fitzgerald Events says, "Recently, I had a bride whose future mother-in-law passed away just week before the wedding. She had a favorite sweater, which the bride had a small heart cut out of and stitched into her gown. She did the same as a surprise for her husband, and it was one of the most sentimental 'something old' gestures I've seen."

Historic Heirloom

Another favorite from Jenna Lam: a pair of jade earrings that a client's grandmother had brought from Shanghai when she immigrated to America. "They were one of the few pieces that survived the journey. The earrings were the most spectacular green and a beautiful tribute to the bride's roots."


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