What's not to love about brunching in your finest?
wedding brunch invitation

While wedding receptions are typically held in the evening hours, there's something undeniably charming and elegant about a brunch reception-the natural light, the airy venues, the way flowers and greenery transform the room, just to name a few. Here are four more reasons to consider hosting your wedding soirée during the daytime hours.

You Get to Plan the Ultimate Brunch Menu

Having a brunch reception leaves plenty of room for creativity with your entrées, and what's not to love about options like lemon ricotta pancakes, brioche French toast with fresh fruit compote, and eggs benedict dressed up with lobster or crab? Instead of a bread basket, tables can be set with baskets of croissants, sweet rolls, or warm biscuits.

Your Signature Cocktail Is a Given

Having a brunch reception? An elegant DIY mimosa station, with an assortment of fresh-pressed juices, is a no-brainer. And given the hours of the reception, it's not necessary to have an open bar, so be sure to pay a little more attention to-and put a little more budget towards-your coffee and tea offerings, too. Your guests will delight in these little touches.

Every Reason Splurge on Your Floral Décor

The costs associated with a brunch reception are very different than those for an evening party, which often comes with higher food and beverage costs and the necessity to bring in additional lighting. That means you'll probably have room to splurge a bit on your floral budget. In airy, sunlit interiors (and outdoor venues, too) flowers and greenery really define the space, so dream big!

Natural Light Makes for the Best Photo Ops

Wedding photographers can make magic out of every lighting condition but shooting entirely in natural light is what most pros would consider the dream. During the day, it's easier to capture the ethereal glow of a bride's gown and the delicate beauty of her floral bouquet, for example.


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