You can't go wrong with these giveaways.
Credit: Raymond Hom

Looking for the perfect vegan wedding favor for your big day? It's easier to find a great giveway than you'd think! After all, how many times have you left a wedding with a cute favor only to shove it in a drawer and find it again years later? Besides trying to book a venue and find a DJ who will play more than the "Cupid Shuffle," finding a wedding favor guests will actually enjoy can be tricky, especially for couples who want their entire celebration to be vegan. But these vegan wedding favors-from candles to cake pops-definitely won't go unused. (Or, uneaten!)

Seeds or Plants

Just like your love is growing on your wedding day, this favor will give your guests something to grow, too. Give loved ones personalized seed packs featuring your wedding date or choice of saying, or send everyone home with a mini potted plant, as seen above. Anytime your friends and family see the blooms, they'll be reminded of your special day.

Credit: Bryan Gardner

Vegan Cake Pops

Edible favors are always popular with wedding guests, especially when that tasty gift is a cake pop. The treats aren't just fun to look at: They're also not messy like other desserts (cupcakes, we're looking at you!), are individually packaged and tied, and will be loved by both children and adults. Etsy shop, MomnPopsSeattle offers seven vegan flavors and cute customization options!

Credit: Courtesy of Claire Thomas


If you want to give your guests something they'll actually use, look no further than tea. You can fill any container you love, like a corked glass bottle or mini tin, with whatever combination of tea you prefer. Just be sure to ask the seller to confirm that your flavor is 100% vegan. Add a stamped tag for the perfect-and the cutest-way to bring everything together.

Credit: Sylvie Becquet


One favor your guests might not expect is a mini succulent. Pack each plant in a mini planter, like these geometric glass terrariums, for a gift your guests will gladly add to any desk or window. Since succulents are easy to take care of, they're sure to be admired for years-even if some of your loved ones don't have a green thumb.



No one ever turns down a pretty candle. When created with a vegetable wax made from soybeans and infused with natural essential oils, you'll have a vegan-friendly gift that's sure to light up every room.

Credit: Adam Barnes


Chocolate is always a win, and you can make yours vegan-friendly by choosing one made with organic rice milk chocolate, vegan butter, coconut milk, and organic sugar. A pretty package of two or three pieces is all you need to send guests home with a smile.


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