We asked People's royal expert, Simon Perry, to weigh in—and he was spot-on.
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If there's anything we've learned about the confusion surrounding Meghan Markle's father's involvement in the royal wedding, it's that even the most high-profile nuptials experience bumps in the road. After much back and forth, Thomas Markle announced on Wednesday that he would not be attending his daughter's ceremony due to major health complications (the Mexico resident allegedly underwent heart surgery earlier this morning). On Thursday, the bride released a statement confirming that her father would not be attending.

While her father's health was undoubtedly the bride-to-be's main concern, it also meant that she no longer had anyone to escort her down the aisle on the wedding day. This issue has since been resolved: One day before the ceremony, Meghan asked her future father-in-law Prince Charles to have the honor. Prior to the official announcement, we asked Simon Perry, People's royal wedding expert, for his predictions-which turned out to be spot-on. He said that there was a good chance that Prince Harry's father would stand in for the bride's own. "I do wonder if Prince Charles will be asked. It would be a great gesture," Perry surmised.

As for the rest of Perry's predictions? Prince William or even the the Queen herself could have had the honors. Believe it or not, this wouldn't have been the first (or second!) time a female monarch held this job. "Queen Victoria escorted two of her daughters after her husband Prince Albert died," he added. "That must have been quite a sight seeing the reigning Monarch leading her daughters to the altar."

Many reports also speculated that Doria Ragland, Meghan's mother, would walk her daughter down the aisle. While Perry believed that this would be "a great tribute" to the woman who raised her, he never thought that Meghan would ask her mom to take on the job. "I love the idea of her having her mom by her side. But I do wonder if it will be a lot of pressure for her coming on top of everything else and they may not ask," he said. "It seems she will be the only member of Meghan's closest family there and there will be enough scrutiny and analysis of her as it is."

Though it was always assumed that Meghan would choose a different escort, she could have also decided to walk alone. Another option was for the couple to enter St. George's Chapel together-which, when you think about it, could have been quite the metaphor for the beginning of marriage.


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