Direct guests to your wedding with this fun compass-inspired card that helps them find reasons to attend: When they spin the bottom portion of the card, they'll see all the activities they'll be enjoying (dancing! feasting! toasting!).

Download our templates for the spinner bottom and spinner top.

You will need to write your wedding details on the wheels by hand after you print, or have a rubber stamp made at an office-supply store. (If you have a desktop-publishing program, you can layer text boxes over the image and add type; print samples to test the position.)

Print the template onto cover-weight paper or card stock (use a pink paper for the bottom layer), and write in your information. For each disk, carefully cut just inside the outer line using the Martha Stewart Crafts circle cutter.

Or use a sharp pair of scissors; make long, smooth strokes as you cut to keep the edge as smooth as possible (sometimes it's easier to cut a smooth circle if you turn the paper, not the scissors). Use a craft knife and a metal straightedge to cut out the window on the top disk.

Stack the paper disks with the bottom disk on top, and use a sharp point (such as a pencil or the tip of the craft knife) to make a dent at the center circle through both layers; this will mark the spots that the paper fastener or brad will go in.

Restack the disks in the proper order, and push the tips of a paper fastener (or brad) through both disks at the center mark. Fold the tips outward to secure.


Mini circle brads, Making Memories; "PS Collection" cover-weight paper, Paper Source; "Mi Teintes" dawn-pink paper, by Canson, from New York Central Art, 800-950-6111.


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