We really hope this catches on.
Credit: NBC 6

There's the hashtag, naked cake, and firework sendoff, but could the next big wedding-reception trend involve puppies?

In March 2015, the Humane Society of Broward County (HSBC) in Ft. Lauderdale, FL started the Snuggle Delivery program. With a minimum donation of $500, the HSBC will bring anywhere from five to 13 puppies and kittens to your local business in Broward County for an hour-long cuddle sesh. And now, couples are requesting the furry friends to attend their wedding!

Credit: NBC 6

Newylweds Nina and Andrew Jungman signed up for the program for their January nuptials. "Other than being officially hitched, having the pups at our reception was what we were looking forward to the most," Nina told NBC 6 South Florida. "It filled our animal-lover hearts and it gave us a special bond with our guests who welcomed new family members on our special day!"

As the first couple to include the Snuggle Delivery program at their wedding, Nina and Andrew may be the trendsetters for the next big wedding craze that's both cute and charitable.

Donations collected from the Snuggle Delivery program help to cover to cost of vaccinations and surgeries for the animals at the shelter. In addition, the program promotes the "adopt, don't shop" mentality: At the Jungmans' wedding, three dogs found their forever homes.

Credit: NBC 6

"Every time that I see a picture of the pups that were adopted, I go back to the moment when I first saw them," Nina said, "the moment right after I married my best friend, all while supporting the work that you guys do-seriously, it cannot get more perfect than that!"

The HSBC usually only delivers the puppy snuggles on Fridays, but will make exceptions for weddings. Interested in increasing the adorable factor of your reception? Go to humanebroward.com/snuggles for more information about the program.


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