Keep beauty in mind as you consider potential wedding dates. Trust us, you'll be glad you did.
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After getting engaged, one of the first things most couples think about is when they want to get married. There's a lot to consider when choosing the perfect wedding date, though. The first, most obvious factor to consider is weather, but you'll need to think about more than just whether you want a great foliage backdrop or a sunny ceremony on the beach. There are some very important beauty-related questions you must ask yourself before you put down a deposit.

Do you have seasonal allergies?

If so, you should think twice before locking in a spring or fall wedding date. You may love the idea of portraits with changing foliage in the background or a flower-filled spring ceremony, but the bad might outweigh the good. Allergy sufferers often find themselves with puffy, bloodshot eyes, runny noses, sore throats, and an uncontrollable need to sneeze. While some symptoms may be alleviated with medications, you may not want to take the risk of potentially sniffling through your ceremony.

Is your skin oily or dry?

Drier skin types often fare the worst during the winter months. Red, irritated, or dry, flaky skin and chapped lips are not attributes a blushing bride is looking for. If your face tends to get sensitive in the cold, you may want to consider a spring or summer wedding date. Brides who typically have oily skin should think carefully about wedding dates, too. If you're the type that's constantly blotting oil even on regular days, imagine how your skin will feel on a humid August day.

Does the heat bother you or do you sweat a lot?

If you are a person that reacts badly to heat and humidity then you should definitely consider a winter or early spring date. Those prone to heat rashes or heavy sweating will find that no makeup application in the world will suffice. Will you mind having a lot of foundation and powder on and possibly multiple touchups due to warm temps? Will you have red patches of skin on your neck and arms due to the hot temperatures? If so, skip the heat of summer and choose a more comfortable season.

Do you want to be a bronze goddess on your wedding day?

If you've always envisioned yourself walking down the aisle with a healthy tan, then a summer date is right for you. Of course, a little bit of (sunless!) tanning can help you achieve a healthy glow during the other seasons, but a deeply tanned look works best for summer or destination weddings.


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